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ScanMyPhotos Review

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When you go through the old photos from your childhood, it's not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Instead, you're on an emotional journey as those pictures show what life was like at that time. But what if those photos are slowly starting to degrade over time. You might want to consider digitizing them, so you can always view them on your pc, tablet, or phone without any degradation. In this review, we will take a look at ScanMyPhotos, a photo digitizing service.

What is ScanMyPhotos?

ScanMyPhotos is a service that scans your physical photographs, film negatives of any format, as well as videos from old videotapes and digitizes them to a modern media format.

For those looking to save their old photographs, ScanMyPhotos is the perfect company. They can scan your slides and produce high-quality digital copies that are sure not only to last longer but also look much better than average pictures printed or taken with a phone camera.

ScanMyPhotos is also a good option for converting VHS, Hi8, and even old Betamax videos. The service allows you to send in these formats and convert them into DVDs for ultimate quality.

What Services Does ScanMyPhotos Offer?

Scan my photos old album

Here is a complete list of the things they convert:

  • Photo scanning
  • Slide scanning
  • Negative scanning (35mm, APS, 120mm)
  • VHS and film transfer (8mm, 16mm)

Your photos will slowly fade away if you don't take care of them. You're risking losing your memories forever if you don't scan pictures and preserve them as digital copies.

ScanMyPhotos offers three options when it comes to the resolution of pictures, and they are:

  • 150 DPI (social media quality, $0.10 per scan)
  • 300 DPI (archival quality, $0.18 per scan)
  • 600 DPI (professional quality, $0.23 per scan)

After being scanned, your images are copied to a DVD so you can easily preserve the photos for years.

Scanning Old Slides

scanmyphotos old slides

If you have old slides in bad shape, Scan My Photos can scan them and create their digital versions. You have two options: The standard service doesn't offer color and correction, so if those faded colors bother you, go with the premium option for higher quality scans without any loss of detail.

Converting Old Video Tapes to DVD

vhs to dvd scanmyphotos

Home videotapes also degrade over time. Regardless of where you store them and how often they're used, your old home videos will lose quality over time.

With ScanMyPhotos' service to save and transfer videos, you can now send VHS tapes in addition to other formats like Hi-8, 8mm film, and 16mm film. In addition, you'll receive back standard DVDs that work on all modern DVD players, or you can choose to convert it to MPEG-4 file and transfer it to an 8GB USB Thumb Drive for an additional $15.95 + $5 convert per tape.

Is It Better to Scan the Original Negatives of Your Photos?

If you still have the negatives, then they are the best choice for scanning. They tend to be sharper and hold more information than printed photos, so they'll look great when converted. In addition, getting your negatives scanned may reveal details or colors in photographs that have otherwise been lost on your current photos.


Fast Photo Scanning

When you have old photographs that are fading or damaged, scanning them and saving the digital copies is a great way to ensure those precious memories stay safe.

The photographs you send to ScanMyPhotos are processed by a team of digital imaging experts in Irvine, California. They will scan all images to JPG for the highest quality output possible.

You will get your original photos back for an additional $29.95, or you can choose to dispose of them for a smaller amount of $24.95.

Scanning Negatives

Scanmyphotos negativ

The next time you find yourself in need of scanning your favorite old photographs, remember that it doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. ScanMyPhotos offers 35mm Negatives scanning for antique cameras and Advanced Photo System (APS) film rolls at reasonable prices, which professionals widely use.

They offer 2000 and 4000 dpi scanning options for APS (Advanced Photo System) film negatives and 35mm photos. The 120 mm negatives can be scanned to a resolution of 1000 and 2000 DPI.

Should You Use ScanMyPhotos?

At first glance, ScanMyPhotos seems like an average website with nothing special about it. But upon further inspection of the site, you'll find that this service has some great features to improve and save your photos for future generations.


It's never easy to find a good video scanning service, especially when you're looking for one that will work with your old footage from VHS and 8mm films. But if those options aren't available, I recommend iMemories because they have excellent customer reviews in all categories.

I recommend you get the newly digitized images on a USB drive and do NOT choose the 300 DPI because the quality of those pictures is not great when viewed on a large screen.

Written by Carl Browning

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