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Should You Use Walgreens to Convert VHS and Other Old Media to DVD?

Written by Nerko

Nerko is a writer for Zoopy, and he's been working there since 2019. He loves to ride his motorcycle and bicycle, especially in the summertime! He also enjoys watching science fiction movies, and his favorite movie is Interstellar. Nerko is also a competitive gamer - so if you're looking for a good competition, he's your man!

One comment on “Should You Use Walgreens to Convert VHS and Other Old Media to DVD?”

  1. Hi! I dont know if you can help me, but I do want to post a warning. In good faith, we went to Walgreens and gave them three of our VHS from the 1980’s and 90′. We had the big old VHS recorder in those days and never took plain photos….all was on VHS. So wanted to now convert to DVD to give to my grown daughter (she came after my chemo treatments and we adopted two boys as well…ALLLLL of this on those tapes.) Well, they got lost in the process and Walgreens wanted to blame FEDX and FEDX blamed Walgreens. A lifetime of my only memories gone and they are offering me $50 for my trouble. What about my heartache??? What can I do? They are out there somewhere…please warn your people not to deal with Walgreens… I am crying as I write this. I paid over $100 for my first two which then I thought ok this works…gave them 3 more and they are lost forever. Please warn people…If you have any advice as to recourse? let me know…thank you for your time. Alice Duderstadt 9289650207 1311 S Central ave…
    Safford Az 85546

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