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LegacyBox Review - Read Before Buying

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I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I have always been a memory hoarder. There are pictures and videos I never want to get rid of. But when you start filling countless cardboard boxes with thousands of pictures, you know it's time for something drastic. I wanted to ensure my memories would be safe with whichever solution I decide to go with.

That is why I use Legacybox to digitize my memories. If you also can't bring yourself to get rid of some of the pictures or hundreds of hours in videotapes, Legacybox is the best solution. If you are already digitalized, you can buy it for your folks who keep embarrassing pictures and videos of you as a kid. This review will help you decide if it's worth it or not.

What Is Legacybox?

Legacybox is an digital media company that takes all your analog media and digitalizes it. The company is based in Chattanooga. LegacyBox convert VHS to digital.

They convert slides, film reels, photos, and videos to cloud storage. It's a safe way of keeping your memories without adding so much clutter around the house.

You can digitalize all your old media or take it bit by bit, depending on the legacy kit you can afford at a time. You can say goodbye to all the memory boxes you have been keeping in the basement for years. Instead, you will access your memories on a computer or a TV.

The company is dedicated to helping folks preserve any format of outdated or old memories. More than a million families are using Legacybox to keep their memories alive in a digital form. They digitalize over 700,000 items in a week. The company name speaks for itself, but it's still worth picking apart all the parts to help you decide, so let's dive in.

How Does The Legacybox Memory Kit Work?

You will first have to pick the best digitalizing kit that suits your needs and purchase it. The 2 item starter is the least option and the cheapest.

You will convert two films or tapes or two sets of twenty-five photos each. But if that is too small for you, there is a forty-item kit that is more accommodating. The twenty-item closet kit is the most popular. But go through the kits and decide which one you like best.

The hardest part is selecting the old memories you would like to digitalize. Legacybox will only digitalize a few items per kit. So once you have chosen the media you want to preserve, you will pack them and send them to Legacybox.

The company will give you a package that has a prepaid shipping label. You will have to add barcodes to every item you have selected. This ensures the items are safely tracked during the process.


That is pretty much where your work ends. Once you send the photos or videos, the rest will be up to them. Everything is done by hand at the company, and you will also receive updates throughout the whole process. You will receive your original photos or videos back together with the digital format you chose when they are done. It can be a digital download, thumb drive, or disc set.


How Much Does Legacybox Cost?

There are different digitalizing kits, and each one has a different price tag. The cost will depend on which one you pick.

2-Item Starter

With the current rates, the starter kit is $ 38.38, which takes two items. It can be either two films, tapes or two sets of pictures. The kit has a welcome guide instruction to help beginners through the process. It includes barcodes for all the items you want to digitalize and a few extra if you want to add more.

10-Item Family 

The family kit costs $ 175.98, and you can digitalize ten items. It also comes with barcodes for tracking, a return shipping label, and access to a concierge. You will receive your memories back after six to eight weeks.

20-Item Closet 

The item closet costs $ 351.98 for twenty items. It has all the details and features like all the other kits, but you will be sending in twenty items. If you are digitalizing photos, they will be twenty sets that contain twenty-five pictures each.

40-Item Trunk 

The item trunk is the last kit; it will cost you $ 691.98 for forty items. This is worth purchasing when you are a memory hoarder with millions of memories. It takes a massive load off your hands for a reasonable price.

There is a 60% off discount right now, but it keeps changing, so you have to keep up with them. You can save a lot of money on exclusive E-deals.

That will give you a chance to digitalize more of your old memories. You can also choose long-term cloud storage at a fee. You can pay for the kits in full or in four interest-free installments.

If you want good deals, keep checking their website from time to time. There are holiday and seasonal sales that will save you plenty of cash. In addition, most customers take advantage of the coupon codes and promotions to get great deals on expensive packages.


Digitize your memories for up to 60% OFF

Legacybox E-Deal Voucher 

The E-deal voucher is one of the main things you will see when you visit the website. They work the same way as coupons. You will purchase the voucher and then redeem it on the website to get your box.

You can buy more than one voucher, but you will have to redeem them separately; combining them into one order is impossible. You will notice they help you subtract a significant amount from the total price. After purchase, you have 90 days before the voucher expires.


Customer Service Review 

When you buy a digitalizing kit, you will get access to a personal concierge. They are ready to answer all the questions you have.

Legacybox allows you to speak to real people and not a chatbot. Pre-recorded audios may not answer every question you have regarding their services; that is why they use real people. You can call them over the phone if you want to make an order, and they will guide you through.

You will be happy with the customer services because of the friendly and helpful representatives. The company responds to unsatisfactory reviews.

They reach out to make your experience one of a kind and ensure you get your true money's worth. You will be getting updates on how the digitalization process is going. Open communication is excellent and makes it easier to use their services.

LegacyBox Pros 

  • Legacybox is easy to use
  • Their customer services are always available
  • They digitalize a lot of analog media types
  • Convenient shipping
  • There are always deals, promotions, sales, and discounts
  • They have different kits to fit different needs
  • All the items are hand-digitalized by an expert technician
  • You can get even faster services for extra fees
  • They are affordable compared to other competitors
  • They offer an impressive range of digital formats
  • Legacybox make a perfect gift
  • You can track your order


  • You can digitalize some of the old media like photos yourself. that makes their services a bit pricey
  • They may not label digital downloads even when you assign titles to the media, which can be inconvenient.

Legacybox Alternatives 

Other companies can digitalize your old media. Of course, they all have different rates, services, and terms. But if you want to explore, these are the best vhs to digital service alternatives:

iMemories digitizing and Legacybox is the most similar except for the pricing. iMemories is much more affordable. LegacyBox has been in the game longer, but if you are looking for the best quality services at an affordable rate iMemories is the best option.

You can also read our in-depth comparison guide for iMemories vs LegacyBox.

Legacybox Customer Reviews 

If you have to view customer reviews before you buy Legacybox, they have you covered. If we are honest, most people rely on reviews to make purchases, so don't feel like an alien. Legacybox has published many reviews on the website to give people the final push into trying their services.

All the reviews on the site are five stars, not that you'd expect them to publish poor reviews on their sight on anything. But even outside the website, they have received a lot of praise, especially for their customer service. A 4.2 rating from the hundreds of reviews is pretty solid.

The company has been trusted by different organizations, including schools, museums, and governments. That should tell you something about the kind of job they do. Your memories will be in safe hands with them. But you have to try the services and get a first-hand experience even after reading the reviews.


How Do I Contact Legacybox?

You can contact them through their customer support team through these contacts:

Phone number: (800) 797 8210 (Saturday – Sunday 9 AM – 6 PM EST, Monday – Friday 8 AM –Midnight EST)

Email: [email protected]

Can You Edit Legacybox Files?

Yes, you can edit, share, and make copies as much as your heart desires. Once you get your digital copies, you are free to do anything you want with them.

The company tries to provide you with the best quality images and videos. But they will look the same as the original media. There is no enhancement. You can decide to keep them as they are or edit them. But it's better to leave the copies the way they are to avoid damages.

How Long Will It Take To Get Legacybox Back?

All the kits take approximately six to eight weeks after you have submitted them. If it's any consolation, you will be getting updates. They help you keep track of the digitalization; you will know when the process is complete. The digitalization is done by hand to ensure the copies come out as perfectly as possible.

How Many Pictures Can I Send In A Legacybox Kit?

That depends on which kit you have purchased. You can send from two sets to forty sets. Each photo set contains twenty-five pictures. So you have to figure out how many photos you want to digitalize first, then you can buy a kit that fits the number. The maximum number is 1000 photos which are available in the 40-item trunk.

Does Legacybox Restore Pictures? 

No, they don't restore photos. They only digitalize them for you to keep forever. You should avoid sending in damaged pictures or files. If you must digitalize the damaged photo, get it restored first before sending it to Legacybox.

Final Verdict: Is Legacybox Worth Your Money?

Legacybox has made the digitization process easier and pleasant. When you have a busy schedule, there is no time to arrange or digitalize the photos yourself. Legacybox takes all the pressure and responsibility from your hands. They will ensure your memories are returned to you safely to cherish forever.

First-time users will find the process effortless. All the prices vouchers and discounts are readily available on the website.

Every kit will have instruction guides for first-time users. They give you barcodes to ensure your items are shipped safely, and you can track the digitalization process. It's also among the most affordable options when you look at the competitors.

If you have a parent that insists on keeping so many childhood photos, Legacybox is the best cure. Everything will be converted to beautiful digital content that is easy to store. The whole process will give you a chance to go down memory lane, especially when you are selecting photos.

It's safe to say that Legacybox will be worth your money.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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