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iFlash 4 in 1 USB Flash Photo Stick Drive Review - Must Read Before Buying

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Note: iFlash Drive is no longer on sale, but luckily ThePhotoStick company came up with their own all in one called ThePhotoStick Omni which is even better.

Click here to visit the official ThePhotoStick Omni website.

We all have memories and data we would not want to be breached or lost. In most cases, the data is lost when we lose our storage devices like phones, ipads, laptops, and computers. A particular study revealed that the cost of the data lost is far much greater than the cost of the stolen device. The same survey showed that 80% of the price of lost devices is due to information lost, which of course, if there is no backup, may mean complete loss of data, which may be problematic. 

The loss of a single company-issued laptop may be disastrous if the wrong information about the company falls into the wrong hands. At least everyday data is breached through stolen or lost devices. Some of the circumstances behind data loss are beyond our control, but thanks to this life-saving device that guarantees your information’s safety. If you value, your memories don't risk losing them. Get your iFlash LipFlash USB drive today and stop worrying about the security of your data. 

iFlash USB Drive

This is a multifunctional flash drive with connectors for different products like android, ipad, windows, iPhone, and many more. With a storage space of up to 512GB, it becomes the easiest way of freeing up space from your mobile devices without worrying about how much of your data will not be stored. It is the simplest and quickest way to back up all your data and safe storage.

Multifunctionality and Compatibility

The LipFlash drive comes with a 4in1 multifunctional plug compatible with different products, including Android, IOS, PC, and type C port. It is all about switching to the desired pin. The flash device can be used as a USB device for iPhone, Android phones, and computers with three connectors. The flash device itself is tiny for all these functions but trust me; it comes with all that.

  • iFlash USB drive for iPhone. As an iPhone user, iFlash has you covered as all you need is to switch to the IOS interface and back up your data
  • iFlash for ipad. You dont need another device if you are using an ipad. All you need to do is to select the relevant interface.
  • iFlash Drive for android. You may be wondering if you will have to get yourself a new flash device if you also have an android device. Well, no, switch to the android interface.
  • Lastly, you can also transfer data from your PC to the flash drive using the USB interface.

How to use the iFlash drive

Despite having multiple connectors, the iFlash device is very easy to use. Switching between the different plugs is also easy. You do not need some skill or technical know-how to use it.

To use the device, you can follow the following basic steps:

  • Depending on the device, whether iPhone or ipad, computer or android device, choose the relevant port.
  • Slide the USB device to the right if you want to use the iPhone or ipad interface, that is, when using devices with IOS operating system.
  • When using the IOS interface, you will have to download either LUV-Share or Y Disk app, which are both free.
  • When transferring data from an android device, switch to the right to get the android interface.
  • For android devices, you do not need to download any app as you can use the file manager.
  • For computer use, you do not have to slide anywhere.
  • After selecting the port to use, plug the drive into the device.
  • Choose the files you want to transfer, whether selfies, videos, music, or any files.


Plug USB In.
Easily plugs into an empty USB slot on your phone or pc.


Download Free App.
To use usb iflash drive on iOS, you need to download ''LUV-Share'' or "Y Disk" app, to use on Android you can use it with file manager.


Choose files.
Your photos and videos are safely stored in minutes!

iFlash Drive Features and Benefits

The iFlash LipFlash device has essential features that are all meant to ensure the security of your data. They include:

Hardware Encryption

The drive is fitted with an advanced encryption algorithm with an independent encryption chip built into the device. With this device, you need not worry that your files will be stolen. You can protect your information in APP using the touch ID of password protection. 

The decision of how to encrypt your private files solely lies with you; you may password protect specific files of better still the entire flash drive. With this kind of file encryption, chances of other people accessing your private information even if you lost your drive are minimal. This is guaranteed freedom from information hackers and cyber-attacks.

More Storage Space

iFlash drive comes with improved storage space for all your videos, music, and photos. Once you get yourself the flash drive, you are one step away from experiencing space issues.

With an iFlash USB drive, you can free up space on your devices like phones and continue taking those memorable selfies and videos. iFlash unlimits your world of storage. It is available in 32 GB storage up to 512GB. All you have to do is go for the one with storage space that suits you. With 512 GB storage, you can take as many photos and store as many videos as possible.

 With all these space varieties, you can only go for what will be suitable for you. They all come in the best value and affordable prices.

High-speed Transmission

The drive offers you quick transfers of files with 40mb/s writing speed and 80mb/s reading speed. All your data, including selfies, videos, documents, music, movies, etc., will all be backed up into your 512GB data storage device with a simple click.

Therefore, it is easy and quick to free up space from your computers, laptops, ipads, and iPhones. Transfer of data between multiple devices is 300% faster than the USB 2.0

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

The flash drive offers flexibility to users as getting one drive solves multiple storage needs. In most cases, people will have mobile phones and computers at the same time. Having a flash drive with only the USB port will only help you store files from your computer. This means that you may need to buy an OTG device to come in handy when you need to back up data from your mobile phones. 

Having two or more storage devices is very risky and also expensive. iFlash has therefore solved this headache for you. The multiple connectors it comes with allows users to back up information from whatever device by simply switching to the relevant port. Storing all your files in one device reduces the risk of loss through misplacement of the device and theft. This, therefore, guarantees safe information storage. 

Supports a Variety of File Formats

USB 3.0 can support different file formats, and therefore you do not have to worry about which design will be supported and which one will not be supported. You can store all kinds of data files, including music, videos, photos, and documents. Below is a list of the supported formats



Document Formats


Photos and Images




It does not matter what file format you want to back up in your drive. The drive is an improved version with the capability of storing files of different formats.

Aluminum Casing

The LipFlash flash drive has an aluminum alloy casing that improves the quality of the device. This case makes it even durable and resistant to breakage or any form of destruction. Since you are concerned about the safe storage of your essential data, you would not want to use a device that will easily break or susceptible to stress. 

The aluminum alloy that forms the case of the drive makes it resistant to any form of stress or destruction that may cause you to lose your data. The alloy is robust, and even if the drive fell from a story building, there is almost a 100% guarantee that your data will not be lost through drive breakage. Despite the strong casing material, the drive is very light in weight. It is also designed with a rubber head that makes it easy to use when storing and transferring data.

What makes the iFlash USB drive your number storage device is its ease of use, hardware encryption for guaranteed data security, wide specter of supported file formats, and faster transfers. The multifunctionality that comes with multiple interfaces for different devices and a large storage capacity of up to 512 GB makes it your preferred choice. Make this drive your number one storage device and join many satisfied users globally experiencing ample file storage space and data security.

Protecting and Extending the Life of Your iFlash Drive

Once you have bought your iFlash drive, you will want it to last for long. Here are some of the essential tips to help you protect your drive and extend its useful life.

Safe Storage

Keep your drive in a safe location, possibly out of reach of children who may damage the drive. Secure storage of your device will also mean the safety of your files. Consider environmental factors and avoiding storing the device in extreme conditions.

Attach a Lanyard

You can fix your drive with a lanyard so that whenever you go out with it, losing it is close to impossible. Therefore, you can wear it on your neck or wrist to avoid losing the drive, especially when involved in outdoor activities.

  • When connecting the drive to devices, always be keen and watch out for any warning signs like sparks as they may indicate something is wrong.
  • It is essential to avoid editing files directly on the drive as this may corrupt the system.
  • Unplug the flash drive from your device after using it. Leaving the flash drive on the computer or the phone may overheat the device, causing malfunction.
  • Choose the ‘safely remove’ or ‘safely eject’ option before unplugging the drive from the device. Most people assume this, yet it is essential for the safety of the drive. Unplugging without enabling this option means your computer's operating system is not instructed to stop reading the drive, and this may even lead to loss of information or drive degradation. 
  • Avoid yanking the drive out of the device.

When unplugging the drive, make sure you do it gently to not physically damage it by loosening the parts, leading to information loss in the long term.

Remove Viruses and Malware from your Devices

Using your drive on devices infected with viruses and system malware will slowly kill your device. It is therefore essential to get rid of the system malware

Keep Track of the Usage in Terms of Storage Capacity

This is to ensure you do not overload your device. Overloading may destroy the iFlash drive, which means always consider its ability. Also, remember regular backing up of the drive is critical in protecting your drive and the file stored.

Why You Need an iFlash Usb Drive?

Immediately you buy a phone, computer, or a laptop, you may not necessarily see the need for a storage device, possibly because the storage space provided by the device will be enough to store all your files. As time goes by, you will start experiencing information overload, whereby the information to be stored becomes too much for your device. 

If you continue feeding new information to your laptop or phone, it may lead to system malfunction or slow operation. Buying an extra phone or laptop may not be the best option. Deleting some of the old files may not also be an excellent option to go for. You may start wondering what you should do next. Most people who are faced with storage limits will resolve to delete past information. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore, as the iFlash USB drive is here for you.

It may be very disheartening to delete your photos or videos that you intend to have as memories. Sometimes, you may be taking pictures or videos while hiking, biking, bird watching, swimming, or doing any exciting activities, and then suddenly your phone warns you of insufficient storage, such a disheartening situation. If this has ever happened to you or someone else, you know how discouraging it may be. 

Why you need a storage system like this drive?

You undoubtedly understand why you need a storage system like this drive. Being portable, you can carry it along wherever you go so that when your 'camera' phone runs short of space, you can quickly transfer the files to the drive and free your phone space other than deleting them, then continue having fun like nothing ever happened.

iFlash drive is also essential for data backup. This means storing your data in more than one source as insurance so that in case you lost it, you could still retrieve it. Having a backup is also essential because it will ensure information is not permanently lost. 

With over a 70million phones stolen every year and a laptop every 50 minutes, according to a particular study, it is essential to have information back up. At least everyone has ever lost a phone or a laptop or maybe being stolen and consequently lost data stored in those devices, then am sure you know why you need an iFlash device. 

You may say you don't have so much information for an additional storage device, but you certainly have essential information that you would want to lose forever. Consider backing up with an iFlash USB drive.


The cost of replacing a lost or stolen device cannot be compared to the cost associated with lost data. Get your drive today and protect your data. Join the 40,000+ customers in the world who have acquired the security of their data with this drive.

Written by Adam Moreno
With the continual development and increase in technology, gadgets, and gizmos, Adam never has a dull day researching new gadgets. Being an enthusiastic gamer, traveler, soccer lover, and avid car driver means that he always looks for the next cool thing to try out.

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