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What Is The Best Photo Backup Stick

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A photo backup stick is a tool that looks like a regular flash drive in almost all aspects. As the name suggests, it exists to provide backup for photos and videos on phones or computers. In the event of inadequate space or breakdown of your phone or PC, the photo backup stick provides alternative storage- hence the word “backup.”

A photo backup stick contains an application that allows it to consolidate all your media (photo and video files). It, therefore, works differently from a flash drive. The following is a detailed review of the best photo backup stick. Read along for a comparison of three top-quality brands of photo backup sticks.

Why a Photo Backup Stick Is Better Than a Flash Drive

  • It is portable due to its small size
  • It does not need an internet connection to extract and store your data
  • All formats of photos and different operating systems are compatible with it.
  • The process of operating it is straightforward

How to Buy the Best Photo Backup Stick

Regardless of whichever type you settle for, there are some constant factors that you need to consider. Your chosen device should address all the factors satisfactorily. Here is what to look for in the best photo backup stick.

Purpose: The chosen photo backup stick should be appropriate for its intended purpose. Go for a large-sized device if you intend to use it for professional and commercial purposes.

Warranty: If the manufacturer does not offer replacement and other related services after you purchase, there is no point going for it.

Convenience: Choose a device that will serve its intended purpose without the need for another additional device.


1. AlbumSaver

AlbumSaver is one of the best photo backup sticks in the markets. It comes with enough space to store all your photos. Using it is easy as you only need to plug it in, and it is ready for use. It has software that runs it through a dedicated application.

When using AlbumSaver, you do not have to worry about power or connectivity. It does not need an internet connection. It also allows you to store scanned photos for printing out in the future. The most exciting thing is that it identifies media and saves your content automatically.

Album saver photo stick is compatible with the major operating systems. Any Mac or Windows PC is good enough to work with AlbumSaver. The best OS specifications for AlbumSaver are Windows 7 and above and Mac OSX 10.13.

Once you have connected it, this device is easy to use and does not require formatting. It can also save photos and videos from two or more computers as long as the space is still available. Besides, it only backs up your data as opposed to removing it from the original device.

With AlbumSaver, you can say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for photos and videos on your PC. It keeps data for as long as you want. The best thing about that is that your memories remain safe for all that time. AlbumSaver can hardly escape your attention when you are shopping for the best photo backup stick.

Album Saver safeguard your precious memories

How to use AlbumSaver

Using AlbumSaver is as easy as reciting the alphabet in a kindergarten. You only have to plug it into an available USB slot, then click “SAVE,” and there you have it. You can then safely remove the photo stick and keep it for future use.

The manufacturer has made the AlbumSaver photo backup stick in different sizes for your convenience. You can have one with memory space as little as 8GB and as high as 128 GB. It would be best to pick the one with a higher memory space capacity if you plan to take many photos.

AlbumSaver saves media without compressing the files and in their original format. It follows the file structure as it is on your PC to organize the files that you have copied.

How To Use Album Saver
How To Use Album Saver
How To Use Album Saver

Can You Use AlbumSaver with Your Smartphone, You May Ask?

While AlbumSaver is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, not all versions are compatible with mobile phones. However, there is a version of AlbumSaver Mobile. You can use it with iPhone, iPad devices, and Android devices.

The compatible iOs gadgets include:
• IPad
• iPod Touches
• Lightning Port+

This version of AlbumSaver can only work with smartphones as a photo backup stick. For computers, you can only use it on a read-only basis. That is, you can only plug it into the computer to view media files.

Advantages of AlbumSaver

  • It provides you with options in terms of memory sizes, thus taking care of diverse uses.
  • Using it is easy and stress-free.
  • Launching it for the first time is not complicated.
  • It keeps your data safe and saves you more space on your PC
  • With AlbumSaver, you save a lot of time since you do not have to search a lot.
  • You can use AlbumSaver with many computers and systems
  • It facilitates instant sharing of photos and printing

Disadvantages of AlbumSaver

  • Direct sunlight, extreme heat, and moisture can damage it easily.
  • You cannot use one AlbumSaver device with both a computer and a mobile phone. You must order a separate device for either PC or Smartphone.
  • Some customers with MacBook Air find it challenging to use AlbumSaver sometimes.
  • Sometimes if you do not initially launch it, you may find that it does not work as intended.

2. InfinitiKloud Photo Backup Stick

You cannot discuss the best photo backup stick without mentioning InfinitiKloud and its durability. It makes your backups swiftly and in a seemingly effortless way. The manufacturer has fortified this stick with a good antivirus, and as such, you can use it with multiple computers without a problem.

What Does InfinitiKloud Do?

InfinitiKloud is suitable for storing data that includes photos and videos. InfinitiKloud’s technology allows it to detect files automatically. Hardly would you need to search painstakingly for disorganized files.

InfinitiKloud photo backup stick allows you to view details of your files without deleting the original copy. It creates backups, which you can save under different names. This function helps you identify and remove those saved files that may appear as duplicates on your PC or phone.

The device offers incredible speed abilities and multilingual options. Besides, it can detect the devices and operating systems and adapt accordingly. This versatility qualifies it for your consideration of the best photo backup stick.

It is a portable device that you can move around with and take after using it to store at a place of your choice. Using it involves plugging it into the PC or mobile and clicking the start button. There is nothing else that you will require to do once you command it to start.

Infinitikloud backup device does not need external software and needs no cable connection to work. It contains software that powers it to store tens of thousands of photos. It gives you the exclusive rights to access your data without compromising its security. Anybody else cannot access and manage your files without the rights.

Advantages of InfinitiKloud Photo Backup Stick

  • It backs up media files fast without the support of any other software.
  • You do not need to worry about Cloud Subscription as it is not a requirement.
  • Incredible storage capacity- can hold 45,000 photos.
  • It is less expensive comparatively since there are no cloud subscription fees necessary.
  • It is easy to search files with InfinitiKloud

Disadvantages of InfinitiKloud Photo Backup Stick

  • Some devices may fail to detect InfinitiKloud
  • Some versions of Windows do not support its technology
  • You have to figure out how to use it by yourself- it has no instruction manual
  • In the process of backing up, you may lose some files through accidental destruction.
  • While it does not have cloud charges, acquiring it is relatively costly

3. ThePhotoStick Photo Backup Stick

ThePhotoStick photo backup stick is a USB device that stores media files with a simple click. Well, the simple click advantage applies to all other photo sticks, but ThePhotoStick has some distinguishing features. Here are details on ThePhotoStick USB as well as its pros and cons.

How ThePhotoStick Photo Backup Works

Photo Backup Stick is relatively more versatile since it works comfortably with the following operating systems.

  • Windows (all versions)
  • Linux
  • All Mac versions

First, operate it on your computer, then wait for a few seconds for its system to start. You will then open the start page (it starts the backing up process) and prompt it to commence. Please give it a while to complete the backing-up process.

ThePhotoStick photo backup device allows you to change photo formats and organize them systematically. It possesses an artificial intelligence system that makes it possible to retain original photos, thereby eliminating duplicates.

You can use it to backup any file format without a hassle. The in-built software is responsible for selecting the media files for backup. Your role will only be prompting it to start the process, which takes the shortest time possible to complete.

ThePhotoStick photo backup stick works without connection to the internet since it does not require cloud storage. The manufacturer designed it to store only media files in the form of photos and videos. Hence, you cannot store documents and other related files.

Its functioning capacity also does not require regular subscriptions. The only expense that you would incur is the original acquisition price.

Advantages of ThePhotoStick Photo Backup Stick

  • Easy to use (plug and play)
  • It completes the backup process in a flash
  • Has its software and does not require any third-party support.
  • Does not delete your original files
  • Can arrange files after scanning them with swift automatic precision.
  • Searching for files with this device is easy
  • You can easily carry it around with you in your pocket.
  • The manufacturer has provided you with options in terms of size
  • It guarantees safety for your stored files

Disadvantages of ThePhotoStick Photo Backup Stick

  • Although it offers a range of sizes, it lacks the 32GB option
  • It tends to “hang” sometimes when you are using it.
  • While it works on most iPad models, it does not work well with the latest iPad Pro.

AlbumSaver, InfinitiKloud, and ThePhotoStick: What Are the Differences?

Each of these devices is great in a way that guarantees user satisfaction. They also have many features that are similar such as the following, among others:

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • In-built software
  • Ease of use

However, they have differences that make each of them special and unique in a different way. For instance, ThePhotoStick USB device has advanced artificial intelligence software that makes it great to organize files and eliminate duplicates.
InfinitiKloud and AlbumSaver have limitations in the operating systems and versions that they support. ThePhotoStick, on its part, is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

InfinitiKloud can store more than 300,000 files, while ThePhotoStick and AlbumSaver store at most 60,000 and 45,000 media files, respectively. Also, AlbumSaver has a different version that connects to smartphones, while for both InfinitiKloud and ThePhotoStick, the same device connects to PCs, smartphones, and iPad devices.


Is ThePhotoStick the Best Photo Backup Stick, You May Ask?

Yes! The PhotoStick is by far the best photo backup stick if you compare it with the other two. This verdict does not in any way belittle InfinitiKloud and AlbumSaver. We have seen how all of them offer incredible reliability and versatility. Each of them will sufficiently meet your photo storage needs.

What makes ThePhotoStick USB tick?

Its most significant selling point is the unique artificial intelligence software that does the following three things.

  • Organizing media files based on several factors
  • Removing the duplicates
  • Retaining the best files

As such, it ensures that you remain with only the best versions of your media files.
Besides, it offers the fastest backup speed among the three devices. The swiftness with which it transfers files is incredible and more satisfactory than either InfinitiKloud or AlbumSaver.

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